How to understand the VS Code IDE (for beginners)

I find your comment very helpful :)) Thank you so much

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Welcome to the forum! I recently started using VSCode, my first editor, and it took little getting used to, but am loving it.

Thats kind of an open question… what particularly are you having issues with? It might help if you tell us what you intend to use this for… freeCodeCamp projects? Javascript, node.js, python, html? Depending on the language and project type definitely changes what you need to do.

If its more of a “how do I get started with this”, VSCodes own website has a lot of how to get started pages… like when I wanted to start coding with python, their site walked me through what I needed to download and install, how to create and execute files, and how to create a virtual server to my package installations.

One thing I’ll warn you about Color Themes… lost several nights of productivity trying to pick which dark theme I liked the most… hours… I ended up switching a bunch but eventually settled on Monokai dimmed… Hope you find one you like:)


Thank you so much for the assistance. I’m more conversant with eclipse, but now I’m required to learn jscript with Vscode. I’ll make sure to watch the video.

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