Which program to install to code on?

Hi Guys,

I am learning to code and i was wondering which program is the best to use on windows and mac os? id prefer a free one.

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We’re going to need a bunch more information. What language do you want to learn? What are you trying to learn to code?

If you don’t want to install anything, you can go over to freecodecamp.org/learn and start right away.

You can always use online resources, especially for the stuff you’ll be doing for freeCodeCamp. If you’re looking for a good free IDE, I recommend VS Code.

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I’ll recommend you brackets.

I also use VS Code, for pretty much everything (including Markdown documents, etc). There are some great extensions for it, too, like Live Server (for viewing your HTML/CSS/JS pages locally in real time as you write the code for them).

Yeah I downloaded VS aswell. Currently I’m learning html on the free code camp course. I’m going to try and complete every single course and that try and code myself on VS.

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