What IDE I can use

Hi, I’m learning in freecode camp but I’m stucked with the basic problem. Which IDE can I use? Im trying to learn with Intelliji IDE but I have problems using React framework with them.
I need some tips. You think I can work better with Visual Studio Code?

Most of FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum can be used without anything besides an internet connection and a web browser.

If you want to use a local development environment for your projects, which is advisable for the later curriculum’s, when codepen doesn’t cut it, then I would recommend VSCode.

However, you should be able to Intellij (or Web Storm), but setting up everything correctly is where there could be pain, as that setup isn’t as popular, and everyone’s machine and setup could end up different, resulting in you debugging your own unique situation yourself. Intellij is also very complex, which makes things harder to debug as well.

React is very popular, so you might be able to find specific guides on setting up your local development environment as well.

PS. If I remember correctly the free version of Intellij doesn’t support web development as well, and Web Storm has no free tier. If you can only use the free tier, then I’d suggest moving over to VSCode which is more popular for web development (Intellij is primarily for Java development). As VSCode is free, and highly supported by the web community.

If you want/need more help, please provide more details about what sort of current challenges your seeing, and we may be able to help.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


This is more popular with Java, Scala community. HTML, CSS, JS & TS community prefers to use VS Code itself, as there are loads of useful plugin plus great support from community.

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