Which IDE to use to test Javascript code?

When I learned a bit of Java, I was using IntelliJ editor to test my code output to see how it would run. I am now trying to do the same thing in Javascript but I cant seem to find an option to do that in IntelliJ.
I also downloaded VS Code but it doesnt show me what my written code looks like or how the functions would work.
The way I am learning, I like to play around with the code and tweak it to see how it affects the outcome and change values. Freecodecamp console log doesnt show anything. Many years ago when I first signed up for FCC, it used to show the log and I used to be able to tweak the code and see it change but it doesnt show me that anymore. Any ideas?

Several things:

  • If you like IntelliJ, the JetBrains IDE for web development is called WebStorm (which is bundled in IntelliJ Ultimate, if you have it)
  • If you want to see changes to a web application as you make it, you’ll want to have it up in a browser. Depending on what you’re building, that may just be a matter of opening an .html file in your browser. For more complicated applications you would be running a local development server.
  • If you just want to debug JavaScript, you can run it on your local computer with node, or run it in your browser using the browser console, or you can use an online service like repl.it.
  • You can see the results of code that you write in the freeCodeCamp editor. The console that console.log will print to is in your browser. Open DevTools (F12) and look at the console tab.

For VS Code have you tried installing the Live Server extension? I use that to see how my current project looks like and to see my changes live. I have also used JSFiddle to run some code. The options suggested above are also great to look into.