IDE to run the javascript algorithmic scripting challenges?

I’ve been trying to set up Sublime and netbeans to run javascript code(so I can use a debugger).

I’m having a hard time trying to configure it.
Could anyone help me out ?

Can you explain in detail where you are having problems? Also, for JS you dont need to use Netbeans, you can use Sublime only. There are several free alternatives though :

  • Atom - Hackable Editor made by Github
  • Brackets
  • Visual Studio Code - Simple yet powerful IDE released by Microsoft

Also, if you are just starting out and have a bit time to experiment, I highly encourage you to try out some terminal based IDE’s : vim or Emacs. Personally I prefer vim due to its super extensible nature. Although, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first

Other IDE very powerful is the WebStorm, perfect to debug Javascript and Node Applications.


Well on Sublime - I had added a new build system for Javascript, so I was able to see the console within sublime. I also added the “Sublime Web Inspector” package to be able to use a debugger. But i’m not able to figure out how to step through the code and inspect the variables, as I would do on a regular IDE.

In netbeans i’m running the JS code within the script tags in an html. I was wondering whether there was a simpler way without having to launch the browser when you run the code. Like how you would run code for a compiled language like java.

I hope i’ve been clear enough.:slight_smile:

Also I’m gonna stay clear off vim and emacs for now.The learning curve is a bit too steep for a beginner like me.

Yeah i’ll give them a shot. thanks

@SuperJuBoy I think I understand your requirement now. Checkout Lightable

+1 for WebStorm debugger

A quick google search gave me this:
There’s a similar plugin for atom called “script”. I don’t know about vscode but probably has one too. Other than that, you could use something like, which is an online tool that runs in your browser It’s one of the most popular, really cool and free.

I was looking for a free IDE. I don’t think WebStorm’s gonna cut it :slight_smile:

I’ve used Codepad a lot before to solve the algorithms. It’s basically a full page environment very similar to the browser editor on the FCC algo challenges. It just gives me more space to write the code in (although beware it gets stuck a lot and requires you to refresh the page).

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I was also using jsfiddle for a while, it serves the same purpose plus it hasn’t hung on me even once :slight_smile:
But what I wanted was, to be able to “step through” the code and monitor the values held in different variables. These online environments aren’t able to provide that kind of debugging assistance (correct me if i’m wrong). That’s why I was looking at an IDE/text editor

I was able to use the debugger with Visual Studio Code, that too without installing any additional plugins. Thanks a lot :smiley: