Help with code editor for JS course

I am taking the JS Certification and am on the 1st course: Basic JS. My problem, that I’m hoping you can help with, is that I cannot see the results of my code, only whether I passed or not for each lesson in the FCC code editor.

How can I see the results OR how do I copy the code and see it in another editor like JSFiddle?

If you want to see your console logs, you can open your browser’s dev tools. Otherwise you can just copy and paste it int JSFiddle,, JSBin, or anything else.

You can use JSFiddle or Codepen.

Or use your editor of choice, open the JS file in tandum in your browser and open the console (shift+ctrl+j)

I use, minimum hassle!.

As already mentioned above, any online interactive editor will work (JSBin, JSFiddle, repl, plnkr, etc).

Or, using Node.js will also work. It’ll require a bit more setup on your local computer, but once you have Node.js installed, it’ll simulate a real-word coding environment more. Using Node.js with your favorite local text editor is what I’d personally recommend doing (VS Code and Sublime Text 3 are good free cross-platform editors).