Following freecodecamp in VS code

hi there guys, is it worth following the course in vs code, side by side or is it no much difference

do you mean doing the code in your own VS Code editor other than on the freeCodeCamp editor? I am not sure it’s worth it, but you can try and see which of the two ways you prefer

yea i mean , instead of coding the project in freecodecamp, do it in vs code aswell and add your own touch to it sort of thing, or is that counter productive

try! See if you think it helps learning things better, or if it’s a waste of your time

I planed out and experimented with projects by making parts of them in VS code.

I found it was a great way to learn, since I’d run into problems I might have found overwhelming if I was to attempt the complete project in one go.

It was also a great way to iterate and polish what I was making. Tho TBH I wouldn’t say I did a great job, and there were areas I wasn’t happy with.

For example, If your using images created locally on your machine, you might not have those images in your submitted freeCodeCamp project.


Hello @harry_norman1 !

I have found it a great help to use VS code along side the freeCodeCamp platform. Essentially, it gives you multiple bites at the cherry. I also use which is particularly good for HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Font awesome, to mention a few frameworks. Codepen also affords you the ability to showcase your work as well as work from any computer with an internet connection.

Essentially, if your learning is helped by using a tool, take full advantage of it and enjoy the journey.

Keep up the good progress!

Happy Coding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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