Where do I practice HTML outside of Code Camp?

So I’ve recently started doing the Responsive Web Design Certification course and honestly it’s been amazing. I’ve always wanted to learn to code and to be finally able to do so is just so empowering.

One problem I keep coming across as I get deeper into lessons however is that I keep running into lessons that asked me to use concepts I learned in older lessons, and well not really remembering how to do so because I only ever did that thing once like two lesson plans ago.

I’ve been looking this up online and I keep seeing suggestions that I should practice coding on my own to help memorize the lessons I learn here. But I don’t know how or where to code on my own that’s why I came to freecodecamp.

I’ve managed to google and figure out I can write code in my computers free note pad and display it in a web browser, but that’s about all.

If anyone could give me any advice on how or where to practice coding outside of freecodecamp’s lessons, specifically HTML and CSS, or advice on any free programs to code with other then note pad that would be amazing.

Hi, if you want to code online, you can use codepen
that you can also use to complete the last 5 ptrojects to earn the certification.
here is a freeCodeCamp tutorial.

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I personally prefer to do it on my personal computer so I don’t need internet connection,
and for this I use visual studio code that is a free IDE.
but there others like atom, but I don’t know if it’s agood idea using an IDE especially for who want to learn a lenguage here is an useful video.
hope that helps!

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Thanks, these look super helpful.

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Hi, so I looked at the video you linked about avoiding using IDE’s when beginning coding but now I’m a little confused.

Is codepen an IDE? If so what’s a good non IDE I can use to code?

codepen is an IDE but he don’t autocompletes,
it only has highlighting text, so it’s perfectly fine

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