Beginner Started today

What can I use to practice code or can I practice it on this website outside of the courses?

I would try visual studio code or codepen; actually codepen! Codepen would be better for a beginner to use than visual studio code.

I use always visual studio code .its best for further practical project work. or best buy web storm ide for js,

@sabine.m.schwab, within the lessons you can make tweaks to the code and see the result in the preview pane on the side. But that doesn’t give you much leeway.

To practice, you can create an account on codepen, replit, codesandbox to name a few rather than downloading, installing and trying to learn and IDE such as VSCode.

Codepen may be the easiest to start with as it provides the boilerplate HTML code for you and all you need to do is input the HTML code that would go between the body tags.

Hope that helps.

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