Practicing platform

please i need a platform where i can practice what i have learnt so far am done with HTML am in CSS, but i don’t know if am good until i practice, please any suggestion to help me out .
thank you


Are you looking for an environment where you can play with code and see your results? If so, CodePen seems sufficient for that if you’re using HTML and CSS.

Or are you looking for some ideas for projects to build so you have something to practise with?

I’m using codepen for that.

please what the contact address of the code pen…
thank you

Hello there.

Some things to note when using CodePen:

  1. CodePen does not expect any content outside the body tags.
  2. All meta, link, and script information must be put in the :gear: settings section of the HTML editor.
  3. You do not need to/cannot link the CSS in your HTML, if you place the CSS in the appropriate section.
  4. If your project uses React, use the Babel preprocessor, and link the CDN in the appropriate :gear: section.
  5. The editors offer the ability to format and analyze your code, providing useful information about forgotten closing tags etc.

If you are still confused with how to use CodePen, please read the official documentation.

Hope this helps