Where to practice HTML/CSS

I’ve completed the HTML/CSS courses and wanted to practice what I’ve learnt. All I want to do is to build different websites and then at some point use these in a portfolio.
What site can I use to practice?

Anything that you’re doing just for practice and not planning to put online, you can develop on your local machine. For anything that you want online, there are lots of tools you can use: CodePen, StackBlitz, Code Sandbox, Glitch, and GitHub Pages are a few of the popular options that I know of.


Thanks for the reply.

How can I do it on my own machine? Is there a way to do it where I can see the code on half my screen and the other half I see the webpage, so I can see changes as I make them?

  • Install VS Code.

  • Install the “Live Preview” extension for VS Code.

  • Create a folder for the HTML/CSS files.

  • Right-click the folder and use “Open with Code”.

  • Inside VS Code, right-click the HTML file and use “Show Preview”.

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Hello, congratulations on finishing the course!

If you can afford it, buy a second monitor. It will improve your workflow when you don’t have to open and close windows all of the time while coding and doing research.

Start to get familiar with the command line interface/ terminal and learn how to open your projects on local host ports.

Here a site that will help you practice front end coding:

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Thank for the reply.

I have been using VS Code and finding it great. I’m using two monitors and wanted to have the code on one monitor and the webpage on the other, do you know a way of doing this? When I drag and drop the window it comes up with the message ‘This type of editor cannot be opened in other windows yet.’

The top right menu of the preview lets you open it in a browser. You can drag that browser window to a second monitor.

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