How to use github to build freecodecamp projects

I want to create all my freecodecamp projects using github so that i can show my commits history to employers. is it possible, i build project on my machine using VS code and then push it to github, make it live via github pages and then post a link there ?
how do i validate my project that it is according to specficatinos?

Thanks you.

Yes, you totally can, and familiarising with git is a totally new challenge… anyway you just need to add the <script></script> tag with the link to the test suite so that ti will be loaded in your page.
For the Algorithms projects you will still need to copy them in the freecodecamp editor, so for those it will not work.

The Odin Project has a good walkthrough on how to set up local developing environment and manage it with git, and how to push code to GitHub, if you are interested.

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