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Hey guys when completing projects and submiting the link… my freecodecamp is connected to my GitHub. Should I also do git commit and push it up also? Is there any benefit to this? Either I can do it through code pen or through visual studio code… which is better?

You need to have a live version of the project online, not just the sourcecode. You can do this on GitHub via GitHub Pages, but it requires some extra work. It’s probably much easier and simpler to use CodePen.

Correct, but what about using git and github to push my project up to a repository? Does it look good to show employees you’ve been coding? Or can CodePen showcase your work as well?

Having some experience with git is definitely a useful skill, and if you prefer to work locally anyway then it’s a fairly natural extension to start learning git too. I wouldn’t worry a ton about how your freeCodeCamp projects are hosted in terms of potential employers. Learning projects like these look very much like learning/tutorial projects. If I see them on a resume all I do is glance at what language they were written in so I know what languages to ask about in an interview. Now, when you start building projects for yourself - stuff that you care about and want to keep working - you’ll definitely want to use something like GitHub for that. It will be the best way to manage your project and that’s the sort of thing that is interesting to people who might look at your links.

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