How will my survery form becom responsive?is it necessary or not?

i used media query to make it responcive but its not done responsive yet ,is it necassery or not? please help please

Hey there,

good work so far!

So currently you are using this code:

#title {
  margin: 0px 60px 0px 550px;
#description {
  margin: 10px 60px 0px 490px;
form {
  margin: 30px 230px 0px 470px;

You push all elements to the right, because you added margins of 550px, 490px and 470px.

If you resize your window, the elements become very small, because there is no space left for them, e.g. if your window width is 600px and you add a margin of 550px to the title, there is only 50px left (600 - 550 = 50).

To solve this,
I would remove the margins and add them dependent on your window width.
You started to add this by adding @media (max-width: 100px);.
Now you have to find out how media queries work properly.

You can find FCC exercises about it here

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Thanx Alot :slight_smile: stay bleesed

i have remove margins from title description and form element . but it expand input and look like this , what to do now ?

Hey there,

great work!

So when you decrease the screen width, the form looks good!

But when you increase the screen width, the inputs get very wide!
How do you think it would look better?

i have think about it , and try some code to make it look better , also search on google :frowning: but i dont know how to do make it reduce on full width size ?

I think it looks good now!

can you check it now