Need HELP with my Survey form!

Hi everybody!

Here i am, trying to complete my first proyects. From now I’m very stuck with the CSS part in my code. Here’s the thing:

In big screens there is no trouble, my survey form is seen pretty well, by in my smartphone I need to expand the form areas, but i have no idea how to do it, I tried to change the width attribute, but it doesn’t work.

The original CSS i code set the width in input and select tags, for example, with a 80% width, but with the media query i set #survey-form with no margin, but can’t correct the width,

Can somebody help??? feel free to correct, made suggestions or tips about my code so far,

Here’s the link: [](

Thanks so much!

please post your codepen project link

Not sure I understand the problem.

What do you mean by this?

Edit: Oh I get it you want the width of the input elements to be 100%. You have to move the media queries that set it to 100% below the selector that sets it to 80%.

Edit2: I’d also suggest not setting a left/right margin but just the top/bottom in the (max-width: 600px) media query (margin: 5% 0)