How would i get from a to b?

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? without copying and pasting the answer how could someone possibly be expected to get here??
//change this line?? but also add variables apply the match method and print it to the console?? who writes the direction???

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let crowd = "P1P2P3P4P5P6CCCP7P8P9";

let reCriminals = /C+/; // Change this line

let matchedCriminals = crowd.match(reCriminals);

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Challenge: Find One or More Criminals in a Hunt

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you just need to write the regex

if you write the correct regex and run the tests, it passes

also, the starting code is this:

let reCriminals = /./; // Change this line

and you really just need to change that line
as the instructions say, just write the regex:

Write a greedy regex that finds one or more criminals within a group of other people. A criminal is represented by the capital letter C .