HTML — Building CAFE MENU —- comment out div STEP 22


The problem asks me to “comment out”

I did this:

<!—- div {background-color:  burlywood:}—->

But I kept on getting this error message :point_down::

## Test: Sorry, your code does not pass. You're getting there.

## Hint: You should comment out the `background-color: burlywood;` line in your CSS.

You are not passing because you are using HTML comments when you need to use css comments.

Here is an example of css comments from the challenge

/* comment here */

I also updated your post to include the link for step 22

Thank you for the info; however, before I saw your reply and read it, I did try the CSS comment, and I still got an error message. Look at the picture

It looks like you have the wrong starting code.
When I open up the lesson this is the code I have

background-color: burlywood;

You should reset the lesson and wrap you css comments around that
Your answer should not include any {} or mention of the word div

Anyway, thank you. I just figured it out.

:::Put the asterisk and the backslash inside the brackets.

It should include div and the {}, BUT the asterisk and the backslashes go inside brackets

It looks like we uncovered a bug in this challenge because this answer here

 div{/*background-color: burlywood; */} 

is promoting css nesting in native css which doesn’t have great support in browsers according to can i use

I’ll bring up an issue on Github to see if we can tighten up the tests for this lesson.

But none the less, I am glad you were able to move onto the next challenge :+1: