HTML Coding Problem

What special chracter must be escaped? I am using and its displaying “Special characters must be escaped : [ < ].”

 <img src="" alt="girl holding a flower cassatte" width="300"><br>
       <a href="#">
         <img src="" alt="butterfly and hands"id="artist hands"</a>

Just a guess here but try adding the missing > at the end of the second <img> tag.

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tried it does not work…

I think you are going to have to give us a link to your codepen so we can actually test for ourselves.

Here is the link:

Not only do you need to add the missing > at the end of the second <img> but you also need to add a space character before the id attribute. Once I did those two things the error disappeared.

May i see an example code of what you mean by

<img src="" alt="butterfly and hands"id="artist hands"

We don’t see a > at the end.

nvm, i got fixed it seems like i was supposed to add > < a >(without spaces). And I also though I added the sign (>). sorry for confusement if i did cause one. Many thanks to you and @bbsmooth :slight_smile:
EDIT:after reading through your directions over again, it seemed like I was the one who causing confusion to myself. sorry again:

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