HTML,CSS And Javascript Certifications

I wanted to start my journey with FreeCodeCamp with no prior experience with coding.
When I complete Responsive Web Design, all the way until Back End Development and APIs curriculum. Could I use the certificates to apply for a Applied Computer Science Degree and would it help me when applying.

Certificates could help a little just to show that you went through and completed them. However, the certificates are not accredited so they are more for you. So, they wont hold much weight to a company. The best thing to do is take those certificates and use the knowledge you gained to build projects. Show potential employers that you are capable of doing what you say you’re capable of on your resume

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I’m not sure how applying to degree programs might work where you are - I can only speak on the US system. Here, the certificates themselves wouldn’t relate directly to your university application. That’s based on prior education and standardized testing. It might provide a good topic for an application essay, but that would be more about relating the experience to your goals.

Where freeCodeCamp would help you is with your course material. freeCodeCamp provides a good overview of programming fundamentals, which means students are likely to be far less overwhelmed by their first programming courses.

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