HTML CSS Cafe Step 23

This is the answer from Youtube

And this is my answer:

body {
  /* background-color: burlywood; */

h1, h2, p {
  text-align: center;

div {
  width: 300px;

where is my problem?

I think the problem is with this line. It is wrapped in /* & */ to be identified as a comment. You should delete those signs for the code to takes effect

Please post a link to the step

If you have a question about a specific challenge as it relates to your written code for that challenge, just click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum.

Thank you.

what do you mean ? :sob:

LOL no you have the code correct, it wants you to comment those out, which you have done. It may be that your browser or extensions are crashing the freeCodeCamp portion. My advice is to reset the code and try again. You can do so by clicking multiple times on check my code, and a reset code button will appear.

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Its not restart step right? :sweat_smile:

Lol no it is. Restarting the step resets everything to as if you are first coming to it. That way if you accidently messed up other bits of code it clears that away. As well as usually clearing up any bugs that might not be letting your code pass.

I’ve trying trying and trying but it still can’t pass

Really?? How can i be wrong on this step??

I got the answer

You need make them to be transparent.
But transparent isn’t white right??
That’s make nosense right??
What in the world the answer is transparent :sob:

That seems to be an issue with your browser, or with some extensions. To pass the tests you would just need to comment out the background color property.

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