HTML & CSS generators

Do employers care if you use generators ?

What kind of generators are you talking about?

What do you mean by an HTML generator?

What do you mean by employers, potential employers or your current employer?

  1. For CSS, if it’s just something like a shape generator or some other utility stuff then that is fine.

  2. If you mean a WYSIWYG tool then that is not professional and should not be used.

  3. Potential employers will want to know what you can do on your own, not what tool you can use to do it for you. A current employer wants good quality code, not copy-pasting or auto-generated code (well there is WordPress and the like).

Things like a shape generator etc… like css grid generator as well .

Utility stuff is fine, but I’m not the employer so it’s not my say.

Again what do you mean by employers, potential or current?

I mean people you work for , companies etc…
what is classified as utility stuff ?

As long as it gets the job done, isn’t sloppy or poor code and you understand it so you can debug it and change it as needed, I doubt they care much about how you did it.

Things there is little point in coding by hand.

  • SVG, most people do not hand-code SVG but use a tool and then clean it up.

  • Complex shapes, or anything where the API is hard to remember or cumbersome to do by hand.

  • Animation curves.

  • Color palettes, at least as a starting point to get you going and to give a side-by-side view of the colors.

  • Sprite sheet generators.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I didn’t mention. But that’s just some of them.