I'm worried about how the AI progresses

I am preparing for a job in fullstack web development. I was already worried since the appearance of chatgpt but now they have released chatgpt4 and it converts a drawing of a web page into html and css code. I’m very worried that this is going so fast that I can’t find work on this. Maybe I’m in a state of panic and I overestimate it. Any advice? How do you see the future of web development? Ty

We aren’t worried about AI taking all of our jobs

Things like ChatGPT are software. Software is built by developers. When there is excitement and wide adoption of a new type of software, there are jobs to build that type of software.

Every time I have a concern about this issue I enter this forum and it is solved. But for personal reasons I’m not having a good time and maybe I see everything wrong. I want to find a job in this since these are the studies I have, and the rapid progress of this is beyond me. I write here because I needed someone who is already involved in the world of development to open my eyes. Too much text.
Sorry to be repetitive since this topic is discussed in the forum.

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