Confused about AI

Is it still worth to learn an try to become developer when AI will take all jobs .

I’d recommend reading through these as they may answer some of your questions/concerns about the rise of the machines:

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I’m working both in design and development. Mostly design and it’s the same in this field: Midjourney will make us unemployed!

Now that the hype is slowly fading, my daily work looks less dramatic:
I’m old af and in the business for of over two decades. I need much less time and energy to develop ideas now with the help of Dall-E and Midjourney.

However, maybe two of 50 prompt results can be used for professional work and even those two need a lot of editing: Dead faces, incorrect lighting, things that would be a hazard for humans like a metal rail at the edge of a swimming pool. For an AI the railing might make sense, not for us.

It will be the same in coding: AI as a helper, but the results need a human with the professional knowledge to make things work.

Once we have AIs that are worth the name, humanity has other problems to face than just job security, like it not getting out of control.
Don’t fall for the hype, many of the AI-doomers do it for clicks, fame and money.


Yes @kale24 AI isn’t gonna take the developer jobs away.

Here is a topic in which I was recently involved. It was about AI discussion and stuff like that

This might help you :point_up: .

Is that a rhetorical question?

You ask a question and then state a “fact” (that isn’t a fact) that answers your own question.

No, it wouldn’t be worth it if AI took all jobs, but it will be worth it because it won’t take all jobs.

I’ve heard someone say that calculators didn’t make mathematicians obsolete, and AI won’t make developers obsolete. AI is a tool.

But even if our worst fears come true, you can probably still get a developer job maintaining the AI code. Heh. Unless AI becomes able to debug itself. But what about debugging the debugger code? Will there be an AI to debug that? Is it turtles all the way down?

I think if AI ever gets to a point where it can truly make humans obsolete, then we’d probably have bigger things to worry about, like the great robot uprising and the mass enslavement of humanity by sentient computers who operate human-farms and systematically harvest our energy to sustain themselves and power their robot overmind.


Here’s another way to think about it.

Imagine two competing companies, each having 10 developers each.

One company believes AI will allow them to cut staff and save on salary costs, as people are expensive! So they cut half their staff and now have 5 developers, at half the cost. The remaining developers now rely on AI to perform roughly the same amount of work as before, but at less overhead as there are less workers.

The other company believes they can leverage AI to increase overall productivity, and thus allows each of their 10 developers to leverage AI to increase their own productivity.

Between these two companies which do you think ends up becoming more productive, and thus growing faster? Its essentially impossible to “grow” by cutting costs. If a company is aiming to be “leaner” and not grow then yes, AI could affect job prospects.

However, few successful companies actually look to cut costs, especially in a sector that is usually seen as a growth driver. A developer is expensive, but a single developer can build something that could give the business a large return on their investment.

AI can’t magically replace most jobs because it still requires someone telling it what it needs done. Knowing what needs to be done requires some expertise. Further, a developer utilizing AI can become even more productive, and thus give even more value to the business.

In many senses AI could create more jobs, if you know how to use it yourself


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