ChatGPT, will it help or hurt new developers?

Who else was motivated to learn how to code after chatGPT became mainstream?

Did it motivate you? :smiley:

it definitely did, I’m just curious as to how it is affecting new developers. It feels like everything i am starting to learn is useless since chatGPT is fluent in so many programming languages.

ChatGPT is not fluent in programming languages. It can statistically guess useful things to say sometimes. It can guess completely wrong things too.

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ChatGPT is like a great salesman. It can talk a lot of sense to you and you may even believe it is all true, because it is smart enough to put words in the right sequence, but deep down it does not really know what it is talking about.


Thanks, make me feel like i am not wasting my time

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I think it’s great that you are inspired by that software to learn how it works.

I don’t think that ChatGPT (or any similar technology) will significantly impact developers. If you’re having trouble getting good Google results for something you’re researching, it would be worth a shot to see what its engines come up with. I’ve tried that a couple of times.

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I was half way through my full-stack software dev course when I found ChatGPT. It was quite useful as a study aid. You can rely on it in a pinch to help with prototyping within your projects. But its biggest perk is perhaps how it can help you add structure to almost anything. With the right prompting it can generate outlines for how to approach a problem. Break it into small, manageable pieces. I’m happy to share some prompt ideas and elaborate if anyone is interested.

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Chat GPT will mostly help new devs since it can be used as an always online personal coding tutor


I was motivated before that.

I heard the CEO in an interview. It said that more developers will get hired because of chatgpt. I find it to be a great aid to me when I am learning and coding. Opening it up is part of my workflow now. It takes the legwork out of Googling.

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This is what ChatGPT had to say about the topic (for whatever it’s worth):

As with any occupation, it is difficult to provide a precise probability for any individual software developer’s job being displaced by AI, as it depends on many factors such as the specific tasks involved in the job and the pace of technological development.

However, it’s worth noting that software development is a field that is relatively resistant to automation, as it involves a high degree of creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration with others. While there are tools and frameworks that can help automate certain aspects of software development, such as code generation or testing, the core aspects of software development require human expertise and judgment.

Additionally, software development is an evolving field where new technologies, programming languages, and development paradigms are constantly emerging. This requires software developers to be adaptable and capable of learning new skills and techniques as the industry evolves, which is a challenging task for machines to replicate.

Overall, while some aspects of software development may be automated in the future, the likelihood of the entire job being completely displaced by AI in the near future is relatively low. Instead, it is more likely that technology will continue to enhance and augment the role of software developers, providing new tools and capabilities that can help them work more efficiently and effectively.


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