Anyone else loose their motivation due to chat gpt

I have kind of lost my motivation due to chat gpt im new to coding and it seems like it already codes better then i do. I could see it helping out advanced coders but as a beginner coder it seems like it does the jobs that i would probably get.

ChatGPT often writes wrong code, and it doesn’t know how to design code .

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Hey C,
I loose my motivation weekly, sometimes even daily. lol
I just get back on my horse and say to myself, “It WILL pass.”


HI @cmar !

A lot of beginners have expressed fear around Chat GPT and if there is a point to learn coding anymore because they might be replaced. I think this fear from beginners comes from a lack of understanding on what the job is actually like.

When I was first learning how to code back in 2020, I wasn’t fully sure what the job was going to entail either. But then when I started working as a developer, I realized that code was only a fraction of the job.

Here are some of things that I have done within the past few weeks:

  • having a few team meetings with management to outline the new features and upgrades we want to make to our company products
  • have team meetings with clients to understand their business needs and requirements and later discussing with the team the best strategies moving forward with those new features.
  • writing tests for our company products and client projects
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, and maintaining the company’s existing codebases. A lot of this time is researching through previous stackoverflow answers and github issues.
  • writing technical documentation for our new products and updating documentation
  • building out new features based on business requirements

ChatGPT is going to be a help to developers and just another tool that we can use.

There is a lot of value to learning how to code and also learning how to design good systems. ChatGPT won’t replace that. It’s just another tool on the developer toolbelt. :+1:


nah, I don’t loose motivation as there is code base from early 1990 working in live.

e.g. I was working on a project ( 2003 ) for Lufthansa Cargo which had got tons of “goto” statements in C++ and am sure ChatGPT will go mad and won’t understand any part of this code.

There is tons of legacy code running around the world and engineers are needed to maintain old sphagehtti code.

You can think of ChatGPT and GitHub co-pilot as advanced version of Google. As majority of the engineers use Google ( aka SO ) to copy and paste code.

Another dirty secret is majority of the businesses only care about quarterly results and don’t worry about code quality etc.

Just get the things done and make customers pay for it.

So STOP Worrying and Start Living :beach_umbrella:

  • No
  • Any work that can be written reliably by generative AIs is really boring and repetitive and probably already has tools to generate.
  • The hard part of being a developer is not writing code. It’s understanding problems and designing clean, robust solutions that are bound by arbitrary constraints. This is creative, human work.
  • Any claims that ChatGPT makes developers obsolete because it can generate code is like claiming that Google made educators obsolete because people can just search for information.


Alright so there is still a future in coding? I have to say that i thought coding would be easy for me i am a chemist and have a lot of science background but i still struggle.


Did you read the replies and the link?

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No i will have to look at them i am a bit drunk right now

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Do any of you use chat gpt now to help you code? I think i should at least start getting familiar with it.

Never tried it, but I do enjoy having GitHub Copilot writing boilerplate code for me. It comes with all the same pitfalls if you let it write the code for you. So just don’t use the comment-based approach where you ask it to write the code for you. But let it fill out some of the blanks as you code.

Saw this on Reddit, BTW.

Ha yeah i could also see using it being conterproductive where it wrote some code and then you had to debug a bunch of errors

I don’t.
Almost all of my coding is for work, so I couldn’t use it on that code even if I wanted to. I’ve tried to use it to dig up hard to find niche information though. Mostly I’ve been underwhelmed, but sometimes it’s worth a shot when I’m finding myself several pages deep in search results.

Here are a few suggestions to help you regain your motivation:

  1. Embrace the learning process: Understand that making mistakes and encountering challenges is a normal part of learning. Don’t compare yourself to an AI model or advanced coders. Focus on your progress and celebrate small victories along the way.
  2. Break it down: Learning to code can be overwhelming, so break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Start with simple projects or exercises, and gradually work your way up to more complex challenges.
  3. Find a supportive community: Join coding forums, online communities, or coding meetups where you can connect with other beginners or experienced coders. Sharing your experiences, asking questions, and getting support from others can be highly motivating.
  4. Set realistic goals: Set achievable goals for yourself and track your progress. Celebrate each milestone you achieve, whether it’s completing a tutorial, solving a problem, or building a small project.
  5. Stay inspired: Find coding projects or applications that excite you. Choose topics or areas that you’re genuinely interested in, as this will make learning more enjoyable and keep you motivated.

ChatGPT is a dangerous tool for inexperienced developers or developers who doesn’t get how to adapt to new technology or tool. Because without learning how a new Tool works and brute force to solve that tool related problem with ChatGPT will cost you more time!

If you start using ChatGPT too much, you will start asking it about everything you come across. In the first step, this prevents you from reading the document and one of the first things you should do when learning something new is to read the documentation. It starts to be difficult for you to read Documentation because ChatGPT makes the mind lazy. However, using it without understanding the point of view of the creators of the tool and the basic logic of that technology/language usually takes much more time to make job done with it. When entering the cycle of asking ChatGPT something after not fully understanding the problems, the work efficiency drops. I advise you not to fall into this trap.

If you solve problem with ChatGPT without losing time, this will cost you another thing. You will miss the opportunity to learn how that new feature works and in future it will definitely cost you more time again.

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