ChatGPT Vs Development

What are your thoughts on how ChatGPT and the like will affect developers in the short and long term.

I find it moderately interesting, especially as more information is being revealed about the huge amount of human labor that went into manually reviewing the training data. I don’t think it will have any noteworthy impact on developers except that more developers will try to imitate it because it is getting a lot of public attention for the moment.

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It’s really cool & interesting. I fed it a couple errors I ran into while coding, and it gave me very good explanations (much friendlier than Stack Overflow). But I also tested it out by asking it to write some functions, and the results were all over the place. Some leetcode-style questions, it did great at (maybe because those solutions are all over the internet). But then I asked it to make a function that worked as a calculator (one that respected order of operations), and it completely failed at that. So… needs some work before it’s going to fully replace developers. But it might be a useful tool to have while coding.