Does chat GPT-4 kill Stackoverflow?

random question and I am just wondering. Whenever I have a problem with code or even just needing a suggestion or two, I find myself asking my msn chatbot and it helps me pretty well. My questions may be simple for the experienced because I am a beginner. I have never used stack overflow. I find that the AIs take that leg work out of having to dig through Google and the likes. Less people will use Stack overflow because of it?

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Personally I don’t think Chat GPT will replace stackoverflow because there will still be a portion of the developer community that will choose to post and answer questions on there.
There will also be a portion of developers that will still search out answers on stackoverflow in addition to chat gpt.

I do think newer developers will feel more comfortable using chat GPT over stackoverflow because stackoverflow has a reputation of being harsh and condescending to most beginner questions. Also, some developers have been turned off from the toxic community of stackoverflow and already using other outlets for seeking out answers.

We might see a dip in usage but I don’t it will replace or kill stackoverflow


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