What is the best forum for software developers

is it true that stackoverflow is the biggest community for software developers
I tried posting there but it only allows me to post once every few days unfortunately
would like the largest forum where i can post questions very frequently
can the forums help me do a job as a software developer because i want to be good but i don’t know if i have the knack for it

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Have you punched these initial questions into Google or similar?

Asking questions is great, but don’t let asking questions get in the way of spending time learning with and practicing with code.


i think stackoverflow is the biggest but I’m not sure
heard that forums can help if the code isn’t confidential but then can someone not just use the forums to do their job for them

No, you can’t really use a forum to do your work for you.


I also think its worth saying that stack overflow does provide solutions to the questions a majority of the time. They were not always the friendliest when it came to new users or new coders asking questions. I have not look at their forum in a year or two so I am not sure if that is still case so just a warning there. Also, just because stack overflow gives the answers doesn’t mean other forums will. Every forum is run differently

I hope that this is not your mindset. If you are wanting to use forums to do your work for you, then your chances of getting a job would be practically zero because you are relying on others to do the work. The best way to use the forum is to ask questions you run into with your code, but after you have tried yourself to fix the issue, That’s how you learn and grow as a developer; you don’t grow by getting someone else to give you the answer.


if i cannot complete the curriculum as i have gotten stuck with es6 does that mean that i am not smart enough to be a software developer

No, that just means you need to ask for help. Everyone gets stuck even professional developers. Thats the time to ask for help, but expecting people to do the work for you will make it impossible to get a job because you will never learn how to do things.


what is the next best forum after StackOverflow it doesn’t seem to allow new users to post multiple questions without waiting a few days in between

I havent been on a lot of forums so im not sure. Im sure you can google and find some to try out.

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what forums have you tried are they good

Have you done research on the options?


Well, yes, StackOverflow is one of the most popular and reputed and one of the biggest community for software developers. However in StackOverflow you also need to keep quality of content and need tofollow all required rules and guidelines of platform.
Well, apart from this there are many other community that you can use for this which are listed below:

  1. Freecodecamp
  2. Dev.to
  3. Reddit
  4. CodeProject
  5. CodeNewbie Community
  6. LinkedIn Groups
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tried a lot of forums for mathematics i don’t get many responses on reddit so i use quora or stackexchange