Stackover flow help needed

does any one here use stack over flow ?
i heard its good
it helps a lot with learning and questions and some thing to do with building ur portfolio but i cant understand how it works
i cant even post a question on that website

I pretty much never actually post questions on StackOverflow, but it’s handy. As you get used to wording your Google searches just right, the top results will often be SO discussions about the same question you were going to ask.


I totally agree, the posts and information there is so good and almost always identical to my search that you rarely need to post a question. I recommend SO, in fact most developers nowadays use it…

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yes guys i do use it
found a lot of solutions from that website but i cant ever post any questions

So far, I never needed to because all of my questions were already answered there.

Do you mean your questions never get posted (idk if this is a thing that happens there)?

If not that and you’re having issues just posting, when you click the Ask Questions link/button, there’s a check box you have to tick at the bottom and a link floated to the right that says proceed. That’ll take you to form where you can post a question.