Using Stack Overflow

Hey Campers,

I’m wondering if it’s okay to use websites like Stack Overflow, MDN or W3Schools when I get stuck on coding challenges, projects, etc. on the /learn curriculum?

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more than fine, expected even

research is part of the Read-Search-Ask Technique you are advised to use when you get stuck


just use a search engine to see if your question already exists
if you cant get an answer then ask here or on reddit
people stackoverflow (programmers in general) seem to be mostly assholes. I hate asking questions because half to time the time someone will rather ridicule me about how dumb my question is rather than take the same amount of time to just answer it, or even just ignoring it would be less mean.


Googling is a very important programming skill. Just don’t go looking for solutions, but rather the parts of your solution you need to research implementing.

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Hello @MarioJr,
They are for sure usable but the community of people here have already experienced the challenges and problems related to them that the campers come across. Therefore this could be the place where instant and straight responses are sure to get. And more that this is a non for profit organization and open sourced.
With all respect,

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Thanks for the feedbacks fellow campers.
I’m just making sure that I’m not cheating myself in any way. :slightly_smiling_face: