Algorithm challanges

Hello everyone,

I recently started the algorithm challanges.
For the most part I go back and look at finished exercise to get my answer. I do look at the hints but never look at the answer until I finish my answer

I was wondering if it’s considered cheating to look for part of the answers on stack overflow and or google?

Thanks all


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I think you should put maximum effort in solving each challenge, but if you get stuck it’s ok to look for answers somewhere else. But the most important thing is that once you have the solution you shouldn’t move on until you understand how it works and what it does, not just copy-paste it.


You’re welcome to search for help. Learning how to research problems is an important skill.

That said, I believe that you will get more value out of discussing the points that you get stuck on by posting here. We have a really insanely good response time and the people on this forum want to nudge you in the right direction rather than hand you pieces to reverse engineer.

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Thank you for getting back to me so fast! :slight_smile: I will definitely ask for help if I get stuck and spend more time understanding the solution until I feel comfortable moving forward.

Hey! I’ve been doing great pair programming with someone here for algorithms help. You should try it! We used You don’t even really need to chat because you can communicate within comments quick and dirty! Lol

If you need an online programming buddy feel free to hit me up!

stackoverflow exactly exists for you to find how to do some stuff with a language, with examples of what you can find in the docs etc