Hello Guys, Need Advice

Hello Guys, i started html a few hours ago and as the challenges progress, it keeps getting harder for me. and i am at a point where i dont feel like asking answers on every challenge as this wont help me learn. i dont know what to do. i really would like to learn

I think asking questions will help you learn a lot faster than not asking.

But I would start by trying really hard, doing a google search, searching for that question on this forum, etc. After that, ask a question. Whatever question you have, I guarantee there are a dozen other people that are just too chicken to ask. This is a really supportive and helpful group. There are other forums that aren’t, but this one is. Ask away.

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Sounds Fair , but i feel like restarting the challenges so it would help me understand better

Hey Arnold,
Asking questions does not mean you are not learning.
If you ask questions about topic you arr struggling with, there may be someone who can make it easy for you and you might understand the concept better than ever.
Asking questions are first signs of learning.
Hope it helps.

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I’m here doing the same module as you but I’m at the final projects and I’M STRUGGLING A LOT. Don’t worry it’s normal to ask for help but whenever you will do the final projects you’ll see they test you to use that awesome method, just use it :

Hope that helps :)! It really should tbh :smiley: .