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Hi, everyone :slight_smile: I finally started learning to code. I am at around step 54 now. I want to clear each step without help from others but I keep getting stuck here and there. I feel like cheating if I ask for help or search online. Also I feel like the instructions for some of the steps are hard to understand in the sense that they don’t specifically tell you how or where exactly to place the codes or maybe I am just that stupid to learn coding. I mean as a beginner friendly course and also as a complete beginner I feel like some of the steps are impossible to move forward without help and even when I get the answers I am like there’s no way I could have gotten that without help. Any advice or suggestions is highly appreciated.

HI @Mhade !

When learning how to code, it is important you learn the skill of looking things up online using documentation and articles because that is what you will be doing on the job.
Cheating would be if you only watched a video with all of the answers and didn’t bother to learn past that.
Then you would be just cheating yourself out of an education and the trails and errors of programming.

This new curriculum promotes more of the read-search-ask method which is used by professional developers all of the time.
While the learning curve is different from the legacy curriculum it will help you in the long run learn how to research and ask questions which is a key skill to being a professional developer.

I would advise you to change your approach.

If you are going through a challenge, try to complete it in about 30 -45 minutes.
If you are still stuck, start researching online for different css or html properties.
Google how to do x in html or how to do y in css.
That will usually lead you to documentation or some sort of article.
If you are still stuck, come to your forum with your code and the forum can help you solve it through hints.

It is important to remember that learning to code is hard.
It is a new way of thinking and for a lot of the time you will be stuck and frustrated.
But when you solve that problem, it feels so satisfying.

The more problems you solve the stronger you will become as a developer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It is all part of being a developer

Hope that helps!

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Wow! I guess this is just what I needed. Thank you sooooo much for the encouragement and helping me understand in changing my approach. It makes a lot of sense now, the researching and studying part. Thanks again for your precious advice.

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