How do you complete the curriculums?

I’m pretty new to programming and would like to hear your opinions and how you approach the freecodecamp curriculums.

I started the Responsive Web Design Curriculum. It doesn’t seem difficult so far, I almost never needed to go to MDN or any other resource to pass the steps. But after finishing a course, it’s challenging to write the HTML/CSS code without looking at the solution.

For instance, I was not able to completely write the code of the below course by myself at first :smiling_face:

Do you think it’s a good approach to write the code of the courses from scratch without checking the solution? Or do you just follow the steps and complete the courses without trying to write them from scratch?

I know it’s good to learn better and makes you practice better. But it’s taking quite some time to write the code on your own.

Many thanks in advance.

I have somewhat similar problem.
My approach is:
take a look at the certification projects
to pass the tests you dont need much
but after passing the tests you can copy your solution to your local machine, and try to apply CSS to this pages, or completely refactor it
you will have the need to go to the MDN and somewhere else, and you will improve your skills when you try)
example: I am struggling with my tribute page right now, and I ended up with better understanding of flexbox patterns already.

Yes, I also have the same approach… copy the solution to the local machine and try to make the same web page without looking at the code unless I’m stuck and can’t do anything.

But it slows me down a lot :slight_smile: I could have finished the whole responsive web design curriculum, instead I’m not even halfway down.

I’m not sure this is necessary. As a beginner you will often look at some code which is not written by yourself.

Some more tips from my approach:

have some bookmarks like MDN and w3s, you actually need to look up something on regular basis

when you are doing challenges, take a notes maybe(I’m not sure about this one, thre is lot of critique on the web about having notes)
my notes are like this:

example of using linear-gradient prop bla-bla-bla

some code example

Also use dev tools in your browser


Curriculum is the tool that helps you get better at coding. You can rush through it, and so what?

Don’t copy the answers. That hurts learning and misses the whole idea of doing the course.

Use Google, use MDN, ask questions. We’re here to answer your questions and help you get the code working

I personally advise against looking at solutions to the lessons. I.e. to solve lesson 5 looking at the code of lesson 6.

This really messed up me learning Javascript. Short term, it seemed like I was understanding it easily looking at the solutions. Long term, I didn’t understand many basic concepts that meant when I came to harder challenges I didn’t even know where to begin.

Also, though even professionals have to look things up, looking at solutions will make it harder to remember the code. The only way to get it to stick is to keep re-doing lessons, even ones you’ve completed. Keep practicing anything you don’t remember again and again until you do.

There’s also nothing wrong at looking at resources like W3schools Mozilla ect.

It is hard and takes a long time to learn coding. There’s no getting around that.


Does it help you when you are redoing exact same lessons? I am kinda more into trying to find similar lessons/exercises somewhere on the web.

I’d say one option to practice code further is making a website. You have to code the css and html yourself so it’s good practice.

(It says it can’t do css grid, but will display correctly on all modern web browsers.)

Personally, it does help me. I probably should have added ‘this works for me’ because not everyone learns like I do. :sweat_smile:

But for me, re-doing lessons if I can’t quite recall how to do something when I look at the lesson does help. For example, I’ve re-done Javascript passing values to functions more than once to make sure it sunk in.

That makes sense. I think most effective approach depends on one’s personality/background sometimes.

Is that neocities continuation of the yahoo geocities ??
You probably don’t know that if you are younger than 40 though :smiling_face:


I do know about them yes but I am too young to have used it.

It’s free, no adverts. For a free account you get a lot of data storage. Good option to put into practice css, html and Javascript.

(Not trying to advertise, just honest opinion of the place.)

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