What is no-code and future

Friends Hello everyone. I hope you are fine. You are in good health. I wonder something. I’m asking because I’m really curious about this. What is the No Code job? So, can this end the job of programmers? Do we really need to learn new software right now? I don’t know if Artificial Intelligence will do everything in the future. Honestly, I’m curious about your opinions. Will there be no need for programmers in the future? A lot of people around me want to learn software. They want to work remotely. But we don’t know where no Code gets the job done. Do we really need programmers in the future? Or will Artificial Intelligence do it? Thank you so much



Definitely no.

No, programmers will be needed for a long time



thank you very much. but artificial intelligence has developed so much that now they have come to the level that they can do everything, so now artificial intelligence is doing coding and I am afraid if it will eliminate the need for software

No. It has not.

It will not.

Don’t believe the hype. AI is just fancy statistics. Human programmers are still very much needed.

Thank you very much brother. yes you are right actually, it can’t be that easy.

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There are 3 primary reasons why this is a no:

  1. No-code software platforms are themselves written in software.
  2. Its hard to write software, no-code platforms usually suffer from “scoping” issues related to their ability to be straight forward enough to use for non-programmers, and powerful enough to handle the given use-case.
  3. Even if you had a “theoretically perfect platform” that could handle every use-case, you need to understand it well enough to “wield it properly”. Such a system does already exist that can create anything you can think of if you know what you’re doing. That system is code itself.

AI still has a multitude of shortcomings that will prevent it from being much more than a helper tool, similar to autocomplete. Modern AI is built using the same theory thought of nearly 50 years ago, but leverages the incredibly large amounts of data we have to day to become more useful. Ultimately AI is great for pattern recognition, and not much else. This is why its great for common coding scenarios, and can be helpful some of the time.

However, AI is not “smart” in any way or kind in the sense it has 0 clue what its doing. Furthermore, a key trait of software engineers is communicating problems, and finding solutions. AI is horrible at this, primarily because an AI isn’t a human, and humans have problems that need solving.

Finally, AI can be a great help, but it wont take jobs except beyond a few cases where the human being replaced was working purely on the single aspect where AI was leveraged. So anything where your job revolves nearly 100% around pattern recognition could be at risk of AI.

Coding isn’t one of these, as the code is just one aspect of the overall process that is software engineering. Now once an AI can go join meetings for me and write down excellent notes and build out requirements from that, and implement them, then I’ll be a little more worried haha.

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