Can AI like Devin replace SWE

I know Devin is not good enough to replace SWE as of now. But what if it does in 5 or 10years in time. Will they reduce the no. of engineers by 50 % or drive their salaries to be lower ?

I doubt it

Can you pls elaborate. I am 16 yo and wanted to pursue CS. Do you think that is good ? I will be graduating in 2030

If you are worried enough about AI that you would avoid CS, then you should probably avoid CS.

Pls dont be harsh. I have always loved programming. But I just wanted to know whether how the job market will be. Pls guide guide me

We can’t tell you the future. There’s no sure things in life. Seriously, if you think AI will take your job, then do something else. It doesn’t make any sense to go after a job you don’t think will exist.

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I suspect that what Jeremy is trying to point out is that being happy and successful in a programming career requires an openness to change and a comfort with uncertainty. While the future is always unknowable, in technology the expectation is that you will spend much of your career working on things or with tools that didn’t even exist when you first started.

If you search in this forum alone (which has only been around for a few years) you will see that students have always been asking “Will _____ make the job obsolete by the time I’m ready” and the experienced professionals have always beein answering “The only people whose jobs will be affected are the people who refused to keep learning.”

If you want a whole pep talk about this, then search anywhere that veteran programmers give advice. Just do a search without the name of the specific thing you’re worried about. If you just jump into conversations and ask the question for the buzzword of the month, then you’re mostly going to get people simply saying “No” because we’re tired of writing a whole damn essay on demand. We’ve done it for Dreamweaver and Squarespace and Wix and “Low Code” and “No Code” and Intellisense and ChatGPT and Copilot and we just don’t give a crap about what the new boogieman is called.