The Future of Coding Jobs with AI Advancements

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I’ve been pondering the recent advancements in AI, including models like GPT-4 and especially with Google’s GEMINI project. As these technologies continue to evolve, I’m curious about the potential impact on coding jobs. Do you think there’s a possibility that AI could take over coding tasks to a significant extent, potentially limiting job opportunities for individual developers and concentrating them within big tech companies responsible for monitoring and implementing these AI systems?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of coding careers in the age of advanced AI. How do you envision the relationship between human coders and AI evolving, and what challenges and opportunities do you foresee for the industry?

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AI cannot completely take over coding jobs. When it comes to complex coding developers are required. AI’s are trained model they cannot think like humans. They can assist us in coding doesn’t mean they take advantage of the field. Humans have logic and reasoning, AI lacks. simple example is chatgpt. Even though it is not coding specific platform the code given by chatgpt takes hours to debug. With svelte i lost hours debugging with chatgpt and i solved it using googling and logic. so there are examples in front of us which shows AI cannot take the field completely but can assist with us in programming.


I agree that AIs in their current state are not able to replace us. The longer the task, the bigger the code base you are giving them, the more mistakes and the more of the infamous AI hallucinations happen.

However, look at Vercels v0 and what it is already capable of in its infant state:

It can already write an entire React component with one prompt. It still needs the developer to make everything work, but there’s no denial AIs like this could have an impact on front-end jobs in the coming years. Companies will try to save money. The work of a handful of front-end devs could be done by one experienced developer. It’s something to keep an eye on.

That said there are many more job fields that need to worry first. Just look at the
image quality Midjourney is now capable of for example. Question is if we want to live in a world that makes so many people’s work obsolete. That’s coming from someone training AI models, we really need to watch out what we are doing to avoid opening Pandora’s Box.


Your point about AI’s impact on coding jobs is a matter of concern, therefore tech giants always argue for the government regulations. While AI like GPT-4 and GEMINI hold immense potential, their impact on coding jobs won’t be a simple replacement narrative.

Here are some possibilities about how AI and humans will collaborate. Just read them!

  • Symbiotic Relationship: Humans and AI are likely to work together, with AI handling repetitive tasks and humans providing strategic guidance, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

  • Ethical Considerations: As AI becomes more sophisticated, ethical considerations like bias, transparency, and explainability will need to be addressed to ensure responsible development and use.

  • Focus on Soft Skills: Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence will become even more important for developers to navigate this changing landscape.


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Thank you very much all of you for your replies they have been very insightful to read and really appreciate the detailed responses!

Here is another angle.
Did the introduction of computer which makes document creation more efficient put an end the some jobs like typists and mathematicians. These jobs roles evolved. They adjusted to change. We still have office assistants, data entry personnels who does these jobs today in a more refined way due to adjustment to technology.

No doubt, AI is revolutionizing things. However, I believe many jobs including developers will also evolve. When innovation comes in all jobs adjust accordingly.

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