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Hi. I was talking to my wife family friends that has about 30 years in the business. About the future for Code programmers. How Long Will Programmers Be So Well-Paid?

I think the answer to that is in another question… how long will it be before people stop depending on the internet and software so that new technology become less important, causing the demand for developers drop reflecting in lower pay?

Feeling like its going to be awhile…as a matter of fact, it seems the more technology we have, the more dependent on it we become…I dont see the rate of technology slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

Until machines become ‘clever’ enough to write their own code and render us useless, I reckon!

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I agree with JimNero009, AI will and to some point already has managed to become an initiator of how machines do things without human intervention. Coding will still be a viable trade but there will be a time when machines will be able to code for themselves. One just needs to be ahead of AI so as not to let it overtake the world.

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Once a human-created algorithm can program an algorithm better than a human can1, it can by definition create an algorithm better than itself2. At that point, everyone will be out of a job, not just programmers.

On the other hand, there’s certain to be a gradual process of automation before we reach the "technological singularity"3. The best way to hedge your bets if you want to remain gainfully employed a few decades from now is probably to develop your creativity as much as possible (that’s true for basically any industry). As a programmer, that’d mean honing skills like UX design, visual design, software architecture, information architecture, and similar.

1. Try saying that fast 10 times!
2. This is a simplification, of course, because perhaps the algorithm can only create (for example) obstacle avoidance algorithms, not algorithm-writing algorithms. But for the sake of argument, we’re talking about “general AI” rather than “specialized AI” here.
3. This is what many futurists call the point in time where technology starts improving exponentially due to general AI that can improve its own code.

50 years ago people thought wed have flying cars and robot armies. On the flip, at one time people thought telephones and cars were just a fad. Theres a quote, predicting the future is easy…getting right is the hard part. i really do not think that in my lifetime, or my daughters, or her future childrens lifetimes that ai will advance to the point that humans are no longer a necessary and valuable part of the process.