HTML & CSS margin/padding issues


I need to add a navigation bar to my website, but there seems to be an issue either with the padding or the margin, because there is always a space at the top. When I change the position to “position: fixed;” in my CSS an unwanted margin appears at the left. I have tried to fix this using several approaches, but I haven’t managed to get my head around the issue.

if you could provide more info I’d be more than happy to try to help you. copy paste the code or screenshot it perhaps?

It sounds like you didn’t include an offset. Offsetting left to 0 should fix this, see lesson link below.

i need help with the basics,i dont seem to get it done because when i write the hello world,it does not give me an answer like the way it should be

No problem. Just leave here a screenshot of what you’ve done so far and we will find the solution.

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Hello World

Hello World

when i do this it doesnt give me any results i dont know what to do

Yes but, we can’t help you without actually seeing the code. Just like a dentist need to look at the theet of the patience to see what is wrong instead of the face. we need to look at the code to see what is wrong.

try using another browser perhaps?