Html file is not is not taking or fetching the css properties from css file properly

I am working on my tribute project and I have got a serious problem. I have done the html work of my page so I was doing the css part and as suggested I made different files for html and css. But the html file is not fetching the css code properly into the file, I don’t know why! There is no mistake from my side but its not working help me. I have tried two editors vscode and Atom. This problem does not seem to be connected with the editor. Please help me!!!

Hello and welcome.
If you mean that the styles can’t be display on the screen then you probably haven’t linked the html file to css file properly or you haven’t saved the changes.
To link html to css write this code in the html head element link this:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="yourcssfilename.css">

and make sure to save the changes after each style you add to css with CTLR+S then refresh your tab.
You can also download a live server extension in vscode to save changes and auto reload the tab.

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Without knowing your file structure or seeing your code we really have no way of helping you.

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I already know that brother but I it’s not working properly. I have linked the file at the very first moment

How do I share the code would you please tell me?

@anon69070806 please keep both HTML and CSS files in the same folder and then try linking them the way @ErFy has mentioned.
Still if you’re unable to do so, let me know. Send ScreenShots of the folder and Code as well.


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@keivalya I know how to inherit the files in html, that’s no problem!
The problem is that some css propperties are not being fetched like text-align and background-color are working but image is not getting formatted I mean resized.
And please tell me how do I share the code with you>

Do one thing. Can you make a GitHub repository? Or are you new to it?
If you can, then share the link over here.

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@keivalya yeah I do have a repository! Wait for a moment I will make a new one then I will share the link

So you have issue with certain properties? If so, we need to see your code to help you.
You can also share your code in

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Thanks to all of you @ErFy @keivalya . I have figured it out now I was giving it exceeding size and with other properties there were some minute problems.
Thanks to all of you

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Always there to help :smile: