Trying to use VSCode

Hey all! New camper here! I’m working on my second project, the FCC Survey, everything is going good. But yesterday I tried to use VSCode instead of but can’t find how to link the css to the html, i have 2 files FFCSurvey.html and FCCSurvey.css. I used the link rel and it autocompleted the adress for the FCCSurvey.css but no change was showing in the preview, I Googled all the different types of link type value etc and nothing. It was my first time opening VSCode so dunno if I’m missing something.

As far as I know VSCode it’s an IDE that is onto your own device where you store and work it there.
I’m not sure about this but, since it’s not online it won’t process here.
You can however just simply copy past it into Github or codepen those places do work here.
Hope it helps
Happy Coding

Post your code (just the code for link tag will do), it’s difficult to tell what’s wrong without being able to see anything. If you have a CSS file in the same folder, it should look like

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="FCCSurvey.css">

As long as the path is correct, just open the html file in a browser and the CSS will have applied.