Why cant I view my Css in chrome from Codepen to VScode?

I have completed 3 projects from FCC, and right now I realize I am unable to view them from VS code? I have been wanting to push it to Git and I have, but up till now (my recent competed Landing Proj) I realize when I do a live server from VS or even initiate from the file it self, I cant view my CSS except the HTML?

feels like whatever i’ve done is gone to waste if I cant even view my work…

sorry I am really new at this, started coding 2 weeks back.

Would really appreciate the help/feedback !

can you give more details?

what are you doing? what happens of unexpected? what should happen?

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Are you sure that you correctly linked your CSS file to your HTML file?

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So basically I have 1 HTML file and 1 CSS file created, and I am unable to view the CSS part in Chrome.

@Frakkoz I tried linking but not sure if i’m doing it correctly. been googling like hell
the way to link is

link rel=“stylesheet” href=“mystyle.css”> right?

“mystyle.css” is the name of the file I named in my folder yes? not sure

ok guys I got it , missed out some stuff LOL

Appreciate the love guys.

ps. small details really matters

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