HTML input validation not working

For the survey form project, it seems I have done all that needs to be done but somehow the input validation for Name and Email doesn’t work.

Please assist.

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Hei, try inspecting your button after you run the tests.

16. Inside the form element, I am presented with a button with id=“submit” to submit all my inputs.

Your button’s type attribute should have a value of “submit” : expected ‘button’ to equal ‘submit’

The tests can give you really useful information. It essentially tells you why you’re not passing the test.


@spiceemman change button type="button" to button type="submit".

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You just have an issue with the type element into your tag. It shouldn’t be “button” but another one such as said previously in the messages.

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Thank you so much. I totally missed that one.
Have a lovely day.

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