Html tag queshtion


I saw a snippet and in tge html code were,

%span etc

  1. Why using “.name” and then in the next line .name-name ?
    2.Why didn’t the code <> in it?

Can someone eplain it for me?

It looks like .weather and .weather-temp are two separate CSS classes. In CSS it is common practice to use a hyphen when a class name must be more than one word. Hope that helps.

but he wrote it in html
and in seperate, he styled it in css…

That’s really weird. He’s using HTML without any tags. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

It’s not HTML, its a language that compiles to HTML (Pug, Slim and HAML use a syntax like that).

%span foo

Compiles to

<div id="foo"></div>
<div class="foo"></div>
<div class="foo bar"></div>

mm… thank you for clearing it out for me :slight_smile:

@DanCouper is right. At 0:14, the user selected Haml as the HTML preprocessor in codepen.

On another subject, maybe one of you can help me,
I’m trying to move all of my menu from one side to another, and I can’t figure it out for day now.
I succeeded to fix other bugs :slight_smile: but not that bugger,
This is my code,

If I’m not mistaken, you could handle that with the CSS property float: right; on your toggler. You may have to adjust your positioning though.

Ok, and where should I put it?

After I did it, the menu is over the Hamburger btn, and I can’t see some of it when it is closed…
how can I fix that ? hhh