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I am building a personal portfolio web page that is a project of freecodecamp responsive web design certification. In my portfolio, I want my projects to have a thumbnail and title. I can’t figure out how to and from where to obtain image link(that will go in the src of tag ) for the thumbnail. I have attached the link of my pen above. Kindly view it and let me know what can I do.

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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The easiest and best way is probably to download ”Awesome Screenshot” as a google chrome application. Using it you will be able to take screenshots of entire pages (you won’t need to crop them). You can then upload them to google drive and make them public, or upload them another way.

You can use the screenshots generated by codepen


Thank you so much ilenia. This is exactly what I was looking for.

But one last thing. How do you remove the small white window from the top left corner of the screenshot like in this one:

that’s the test suite, it’s included in the projects so you can’t remove it from the screenshots

you could have a fork of the projects that do not include the test suite, then you can have a screenshot without that

do not remove the test suite from the submitted projects


could you possibly tell me how to fork and remove test suite? I don’t see the script line in my html to comment out…

thank you!

the fork button is in the bottom right corner. The test suite in codepen is importet in the pen settings

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Ok, thanks. Yes I see where to fork. So then I go to settings… and how exactly do I remove the test suite? I’m not seeing anything obvious that would help me do this.

it’s in the imports in the JS section

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