hie am stuck,can someone please assist me

Hi @rah236 !

Welcome to the forum!

I have edited your post to move you link into the body of the message.
Avoid posting links in the title because we cannot click on them.

Also, you will get more responses if you explain what project you are working on and what you need assistance with.

You will need to be more specific about the help you seek.

Hie thank , am stuck on the following front end library projects
1.markdown previewer
my markdown is not accepting text input so there is nothing to preview
2. drum machine
test not passing

am sorry if am not explaining full detail

thank you sir, i will try my best to improve

The link you posted is for the drum machine so I will comment on that.

I would suggest making a separate topic for the markdown previewer since that is a different project.

When I run the test suite and read the full error messages it explains why the test is failing.

Is there something confusing about the error messages?

For example, the first failing one says you need to have a class of drum pad.
But I don’t see that in your code.

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