why there is an error , while regex applied on the array element.
why getting undefined ??

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To answer your question: Remember to declare your variables, and it would be better to console.log within the map function, or assign the mapping to a variable and console.log that.

let arrayRegex = /.yal/; => {

Hope this helps

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if i write this code then it will also give the same output
I thought this solution from net but can not be able to understand,
Why we have to re return the match.

let array = ["Neeyal","priyal","Miyal","jiyal","parag","payal"];
arrayRegex = /.yal/;
console.log( =>{
return e.match(arrayRegex);

In line4 why we rereturn .
whether match method itself returning value.

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In this case, it does not have to do with the match method, but the way arrow functions work. What you have with the return is the same as this:

console.log( => e.match(arrayRegex)));

If you include the { } in an arrow function, you have to explicitly define what needs to be returned. Otherwise, the map receives no objects to put into an array. Hence, undefined.

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