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const prepareGreenTea = () => "greenTea";
const getTea = (prepareTea, numOfCups) => {
const teaCups = [];

for (let cups = 1; cups <= numOfCups; cups += 1) {
  const teaCup = prepareTea();

return teaCups;

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const tea4GreenTeamFCC = getTea(prepareGreenTea, 27); // :)
const tea4BlackTeamFCC = getTea(prepareBlackTea, 13); // :)
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console.log(tea4GreenTeamFCC, tea4BlackTeamFCC);

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Challenge: Understand Functional Programming Terminology

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what’s going wrong? what help do you need?

plase help the problem is :-

// running tests The


variable should hold 27 cups of green tea for the team. The


variable should hold cups of green tea. The


variable should hold 13 cups of black tea. The


variable should hold cups of black tea. // tests completed // console output ReferenceError: prepareBlackTea is not defined

And that very last bit is a good clue as to exactly what’s going on. You’ve modified the code from the original, removing the const prepareBlackTea line.

You may want to revert to the original, and simply modify the lines between the edit below and edit above. The point to this lesson is to understand how to pass in a callback function. There are two: prepareGreenTea() and prepareBlackTea(). Both have been prepared for you, this lesson asks you to pass them into a function as a callback.

It’s a great idea to tinker with the lessons, to try different approaches to see what happens, but in order to pass the tests, there are very specific things being tested for. So, if you remove parts the test is looking for, be sure to put them back in after. :wink: