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when i repalce this in difrent area everything is nothing right what happend with your machine

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<h1>Weapons of the Ninja</h1>
<h3>everything i tried nothing right at all, what happends to yours machine have so many error and can read code really well</h3>


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Challenge: Jump Straight to the Content Using the main Element

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you have put opening main tag in the header element and closing main tag inside the footer element - that’s not a good way, think of each element as a box, you can’t put the same box inside two other boxes at the same time

the challenge says to put the main element after the closing header tag and before the closing footer tag

  1. Reset the challenge and only add what the challenge is asking you to add, nothing more.

  2. Add the opening <main> tag after the closing </header> tag.

  3. Add the closing </main> tag before the opening <footer> tag.

Basically, you want the main element to be between the header and footer elements.