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I am writing a markdown file. It contains a few images. I want to back reference those images using a hyperlink in markdown. I am not sure how to do this. Can someone guide how to add a hyperlink to images? (I am not talking about adding an external link to images.)

EDIT - To explain more, I am writing a blog post. I have an image rendered in Markdown. Then a couple of paragraphs written after that. Now I want to have a link (I think that’s called hyperlink in HTML) that can redirect the reader of my blog post to the image which has been rendered earlier. So, some sort of having a backreference to the image. I do not know how to achieve this using Markdown.

A quick google search will land you with answer

![alt text](fileLocation or url)

What he’s trying to do is to link an image with another link. So like when you wrap an img tag inside an a tag on HTML.


Yes @Catalactics. Thats what I am wondering about. I am writing a blog post and explaining things with images. So, I thought if Markdown can help me back reference images with hyperlinks. With my experience of Markdown so far, I am familiar how to make a hyperlink to heading tags and to external sources. But not sure how to do this with images.

Try this.

[![Image](Icon-mypicture.png "icon")] (http://example.com)

I’m not sure I understand why backreferencing? It will simply create a link, like so:


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I have updated my original post with more details to clarify more.

Something like this would work?

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That’s a good alternate solution. Thanks @snigo